Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Phantom Surfers and Ugly Things and Mojo Workout, Oh My!

The Mojo Workout show, heard each Friday night from 8-11pm, Eastern Time on Real Punk Radio, is where things are happening, friends!

We've got a bunch of super-suave movers n' shakers coming on to get to know you, the discerning music lover. And these guests are POUNDERS! This week we have the incredible Michael "Daddy Love" Lucas of the Phantom Surfers, Sir Dance-A Lot, Repent Records, Rudos and Rubes Publishing, and a whole lot more coming on to spin tales of surfing the San Francisco bay, dancing with men in Bataan, drinking the water in Mexico City, and the proper adorning of spectacles under a fancy mask. So be sure to tune in this Friday, the 17th.

And if that weren't enough, we's just pleased as punch to welcome the legendary Mike Stax of Ugly Things magazine, The Loons and too many other killer-diller things to mention. Mike is bringing his "Ugly Things on the Radio" show to the Real Punk Radio "air waves", and this will be our opportunity to introduce him in proper Mojo Workout fashion to the listeners of RPR on the 24th of this month. That's just one week before he debuts on the station.

Mark your calendars kids! Better yet - subscribe to the RadiOblivion Calendar and never miss any broadcasts that I'm a part of. And if you're unable to tune in to Mojo Workout live you can always listen and download the shows after the fact from our Mevio Page, or subscribe in iTunes.

See you then. Bring yer leg-warmers! In the meantime, enjoy this swell vid with Michael Lucas: