Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Out For KICKS, Man!

Three of my prized possessions are issues 5, 6, and 7 of KICKS, the magazine by Billy Miller and Miriam Linna that sprang forth into the worship-worthy Norton Records. A friend and I located #5 at a bookstore right next to our High School in about 1986/87 and quickly snatched it up! I believe it was my friend that purchased it, but I quickly became the owner. The light sprinkling of coffee sprayed through my nose on practically every page of the 3 issues I have is testament to the genius of Billy and Miriam (mainly) as well as the other contributing writers; I mean laugh-out-loud-guffawing of the highest order, turkeys!


Years ago my copies of KICKS were relegated to the Michael Kaiser Hall O' Fame, and were ostensibly retired (for their protection); only to come out on special occasions which, results in a voracious reading from cover to cover; not missing a single word. Can you use a semi-colon twice in the same sentence? Anyhoo, I was planning on writing what would certainly turn into a multi-paged thesis on the importance of KICKS in these modern times, as well as it's impact on poop-culture, but have decided at the last minute to break it down. This will give ample fodder for this blog to keep it going indefinitely! I'll use this as an introduction to a real gasser of a subject. However, I do want to take this opportunity to let you know that issues 6 and 7 appear to still be available according to Norton Records' Website, so GET THEM while you can. Also, join me in the "Give me my KICKS" campaign with the intent to employ strong-armed tactics to "persuade" Billy and Miriam to get us issue 8... like NOW!

P.S. I just re-read the interview with Sonny Burgess in issue 6 and (like with any of articles and stories on other performers and bands in KICKS) it put me on a full-on Sonny B. bender! I guess that's why Norton Records can sell records.

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