Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We Interrupt Yer Regularly Scheduled Podcast

There will most likely be a suspension in services from Kaiser Studio B as we move the RadiOblivion podcast files to a new home on the interwebs.

RadiOblivion Got Kicked Outta The Webelos

For the longest time we've (that's the "Royal We", of course; and I'm sure it ain't s'possed to be capitalized) hosted the RadiOblivion podcast files at Mevio. They used to be Podshow, or something like that. It's been so many years now that I can't remember. Regardless, I've heard on the grape vine for a while that Mevio was making a pivot. A pivot which wouldn't include schmucks like me that blast out Wild Sounds & Rock 'N' Roll™ at maximum BOOM!

They even sent me a real pleasant letter:
Dear radioblivion@gmail.com,
My name is Ross Elliot, Senior Vice President of Production at Mevio/BiteSizeTV, and this letter is to inform you of the shutdown of Mevio.com and the removal of any hosted content effective April 18th.
They don't even know my name, *sniff*. Russ - I mean Ross - goes on from there telling how boss they are and how BiteSizeTV is going to revolutionize Internet TV. I was certainly impressed!

You Can't Fire Me 'Cause I Quit, Turkey

But the joke is on Russ. I mean Ross. Not that he'll ever hear said joke. I have been planning to upload all the RadiOblivion podcast files to another location for a while. I mean a long while. You know how I am. But a reminder came the other day from a 5 Star listener who shall remain nameless (except his excellent first name) because I didn't axe permission to post this message via Facebook:

It was this message that reminded me of my aforementioned plans. Thanks, Michael. I'm working on it. But before I upload the lot I wanted to make some changes to the meta data - truncated file names, links to the RadiOblivon website, etc.

That's A Mess Of Better Living, Pally

I'll be adding in all the shows that I did (well, the ones I recorded) on our short-lived (but KILLER!) Internet radio station Wild And Primitive Radio, as well as all the little Two Pack O' Pounders™ and sound tests that I've uploaded to our SoundCloud account. All told there's over 100 episodes n' such of RadiOblivion. That's a heckuva lot o' Better Living Through Discarded Music™!!

Whitney Houston, We Have A Problem

There's only one catch, friends. I don't think I'll have everything unpacked by the 18th. Actually, I t'ain't sure I'll have all the files packed by April 18th. I'm a busy sound hound. I'll do my bestest, though. If yer subscribed to the RadiOblivion Feed (whether via iTunes or yer favorite RSS Reader/Podcatcher) stay where you are unless told otherwise. If you only listen via the RadiOblivion website, just keep radioblivion.com bookmarked.

And above all else, get out your magic decoder rings boys and girls, and stay tuned to find out how you can win many valuable prizes - Lux Interior/the Purple Knif

Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!™

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

RO 040114 April Foolses

Fooled you! It's just another waste-o-yer-time sound level test. Yep. I goofed 'em up the other night trying out some software, and now I'm trying to correct my sin. But, lucky you, you get the Fismits and legendary Dutch wooden-shoe-wearing Batmobile... plus hours and hours (days, even) of more fun sounds fer today's April Foolses.

If the player is missing from the post then yer too late; I deleted the file. I only keep 'em up a short time, so check often, pally!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sound Hound Survey For 2014

Get your Wild Sound and Rock 'N' Roll the way you want it in 2014 by answering a quick question.

Riddle me this, turkeys: Most folk still subscribe to podcasts via iTunes. But listeners o' the RadiOblivion podcast, much like your host (me), are an odd lot. We don't do things the way we're "supposed to." That's part o' the reason that we have superior taste in the sublime sounds of discarded music. And why this show flies so successfully under the radar o' the Arrghh-aye-ay-ay.

So, how do you acquire podcasts for your listening pleasure? Do you subscribe directly from iTunes, a podcast app on your mobile device, listen directly from websites, use Soundcloud, or what? Let me know your podcast catching habits. It's gonna help me figure out how to cast out these savage sounds in 2014.

You can let me know in the comments on this here blog, on Twitter, or email (you know the addy - it's the name o' the show at gmail.com), Google+, or on Facebook. There is only a small minority of listeners o' RadiOblivion that actually speak up, so they's gonna help decide the future for all listeners. That's just the way it is, bub. So speak up!

In a nutshell: How do you want to get new eppy-sodes o' RadiOblivion?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rockabilly Or Rhythm and Blues?

I'm in the process of rating the music in my computer media jukebox program of choice in order to help make playlist selection a breeze for my podcast, RadiOblivion, in the New Year. Mo' on that in a later post, though. But I'm struck by an age-old dilemma in the life of any sound hound: Is this track Rockabilly or Rhythm and Blues?

Take this genius for example. Big Al Downing belted out pounder after pounder - one particularly savage beastie is "Down On The Farm." It's graced more Rockabilly compilations than I'm able to pin down. But my ears say "R&B belter all the way!" Take a listen fer yerself.

Question: "Down on the Farm," Rockabilly or Rhythm and Blues? Vote in the comments below, pally.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Polka Pounders?!

POUNDERS come in all genres, pally. And for Polka (a genre I dig!) you cain't beat this alboom, "Oh Yeah! It's Payday At A Polka Party" by The Coal Diggers with Happy Tony.  It boasts to contain "the greatest polkas ever put on records!!" With that kind of bold, adjective spewing statement you just know they's Michael Kaiser's kind o' folk!

The Coal Diggers, with Happy Tony

I've played them on an eppy-sode o' RadiOblivion. I jest don't have the foggiest which one. First one to leave a comment including which podcast I played it on gets a shout-out on the next 'un. Guaranteed.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Quick Joey Small

This little gem by the Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus has been stuck in my noggin' ever since playing it on the WAPL tribute to Lux Interior. I wonder why...  POUNDER!!

Quick Joey Small went over the wall
With a ball an' a chain behind him
Quick Joey Small went over the wall
Send the dogs right out to find him.

In a striped prision suit with no room to move
He headed for the highway
With his chain still dragin'
He thumbed down a wagon said Well you're goin my way.
And they say now

Run Joey , Joey run run the hounds are on your trail
Jump-up Jump-up
Run Joey , Joey run run they're gonna send you back to jail.

Sheriff got a shotgun, he do
He'll fill you full of lead son, it's true.

He's also got a blackjack, he's mad
He'd bust your head with one wack,
Here I go now.

Run Joey , Joey run run the hounds are on your trail.

Sweet Mary Jane was goin' insane
When she heard of Joey's jail break
But she knew all the while 'cause
She sent him a file
Baked inside a fudge cake.

Run Joey , Joey run run the hounds are on your trail
Jump-up Jump-up
Run Joey , Joey run run they're gonna send you back to jail.

Sheriff Jack Banes was a light on brains
But he knew one thing for sure
He took some toughs and a pair of handcuffs
And headed straight for Mary Jane's door

Run Joey , Joey run run the hounds are on your trail
Jump-up Jump-up
Run Joey , Joey run run they're gonna send you back to jail.

Run Joey , Joey run run the hounds are on your trail
Jump-up Jump-up
Run Joey , Joey run run they're gonna send you back to jail.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

To 'Oblivion And Beyond, Or The Future Of RadiOblivion

What is the future of RadiOblivion? is a question that I get from time to time. A few of you know. Most of y'all don't. So let me lay it all out for the latter and clear up any confusion for the former.

Short version:

  • There will be (most likely) 5 more eppy-sodes o' RadiOblivion presented in the traditional podcast format and available through the normal channels, e.g. iTunes, RSS Feed, or your favorite method of procuring the show
  • After these planned 5 eppy-sodes RadiOblivion will not be podcasted in said traditional sense; it will only be heard LIVE on Wild And Primitive Radio (or something like it). However...
  • These shows will be recorded (I record everything!) and available for download for a short time on my SoundCloud account - unless I find that I need to host said files somewhere else
  • Remember the words "Wild and Primitive Live", and "Wild and Primitive Live with Michael Kaiser"

Medium version:

I quit doing RadiOblivion in January, 2011. In February, 2011 I was asked to join with a group of individuals to build a giant Internet social site for a very niche fan base. I was tasked with building an Internet radio station. My title: Station Director/Executive Producer. I hosted and produced several different regularly airing shows. I loved it. I love radio. I love LIVE broadcasting. But there were no Wild Sounds and Rock 'N' Roll. No savage sounds at all. And much like little Katie Sweet, I love to rock!

I spent 18 months on that project. Then I got a little tiny storm in my gray matter (a big storm wouldn't fit) and dreamt up a whole other Internet radio project separate and apart from what is described in the remainder of this post. First I needed to find a new host. But to know if I liked the host I needed to try out the software. And that is where Wild And Primitive Radio comes in. It's a test. Only a test. I have places to broadcast. The logical (and first) choice would be Real Punk Radio, of course. But I needed a place where I could jump on the stream to test out equipment configurations anytime I wanted. RPR is blessed with a very able stable of hosts that are hitting the "airwaves" at all hours of the day, and I'm too impatient to wait my turn. So I loaded up the WAPR Auto DJ with some of my very favorite songs, movie trailers, PSA's, and commercials, and hit "Go!" The result: folks tune in... all the time.

I've been jumping on the stream from time to time for impromptu live shows and recording them. These special eppy-sodes have been making their way to my SoundCloud account for a short spell so that the folks who didn't hear these live broadcasts may listen to or download 'em. I leave them up there for a week - or until I upload the next one; whichever amount of time is the shortest - and post a link to the files on Facebook and Twitter. And this will be the modus operandi going forward.

The plan is to release 5 new eppy-sodes of RadiOblivion in the same manner that the previous 70 have been. So If you are still subscribed to the show you will get these shiny new adventures in sound the same exact way that you always have. You won't need to do anything different! At the same time I'll be releasing any impromptu (again with that word!) shows - originally heard live on Wild And Primitive Radio - on my SoundCloud page. But they will only be available for a short time as described in the above paragraph. After those 5 eppy-sodes of RadiOblivion you will only be able to get new eppy-sodes via SoundCloud - or a like service. Now here is the real sneaky thing: they may be called either "RadiOblivion" or "Wild And Primitive Live." RadiOblivion - if I actually plan out the show; Wild And Primitive Live - if I just hop on the stream and play whatever. I anticipate the 2nd option more often than the 1st.

So how's that? Clear as mud? If so, I suggest just re-reading the 1st section, titled "Short version." It contains all the information and links you need.

For any questions that I didn't cover just post in the comments below.


Bookmark my SoundCloud page for easy access to Better Living Through Discarded Music!

P.S. I reserve the right to change any system or method detailed in this post at any time, and may even deny that I came up with any of this baloney.