Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RadiOblivion No.25

Listen up, baby! This is the 25th eppy-sode of RadiOblivion with Michael Kaiser… Providing Better Living Through Discarded Music.

Strap on yo safety helmet ’cause “Baby Gotta Party” and “Rustle Up Some Action” whilst doing the “Momia Twist”! “Electraglide” yer way to the “Optical Sound” of RadiOblivion and exorcise that “Little Demon” with some good, old-fashioned “Muck Muck”!

Over 1 hour and 20 minutes of far-out, wild and primitive sounds by sech folk as The Mussies, Thee Crucials, Stud Cole, Downliners Sect, Nigel Lewis, King Automatic, The Guilty Hearts, Kim Fowley, The Bugs, The Crushers, and a bunch more BONE CRUNCHERS!!

Always a great value at $0.00… So pass ‘em out to your friends.

On the GaragePunk Podcast Network: Kicks just got easier to find!


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