Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hip Tip of the Week

Listen up, friends. You know that I know that Podcasting is the future, baby! Of course I say that in part because I am a podcaster, producing RadiOblivion on the GaragePunk Podcast Network (the largest and best of it's kind in the world *plug*), but mainly because of the sheer volume of great audio and video that is available for my personal use - now get this; here is the key part - ON DEMAND. I don't have to arrange my schedule around programming times. I can pause a show when I get out of the car and resume right where I left off when I return; I miss nothing. I'm an audio hound; always have been. And I love radio. Well, I love good radio; which is hard to find these days. But regardless, there are some radio shows that I do enjoy and luckily for me they are also available as podcasts. And the really great thing about all this is that I control when the show is on; the shows do not control me. But enough of me pushing the idea of podcasting and on to "Michael Kaiser's Hip Tip of the Week" (not that this will be a weekly article; its just a catchy saying)...

Old Time Radio Sci-Fi: Its listed in the sidebar, but not enough of you are clicking on it. This podcast presents - just what the name implies - old time radio dramas in the science fiction genre. Shows from the 30's on up to even the early 80's. But it's the older ones that I'm mostly taken with. Are there any folk like me that grew up with Rod Serling and the "Twilight Zone"? That is one of my all-time favorite TV shows, and I find that everyday things in life will conjure up analogies with the Twilight Zone: "... 'To Serve Man', it... it's a cook book!" (That's what I think about when I hear Obama talking about "hope"); and the list could go on. Well Twilight Zone fans, one of my favorite shows featured on the Old Time Radio Sci-Fi Podcast is "X Minus One"; a great show with most episodes being from the 50's. There are two recent episodes that I want you to listen to: "A Logic Named Joe" from 1955 about computers hooked-up to a world-wide network - all comunicating with each other, then going amuck; and "Shock Troop" from 1957 that pre-dates "Fantastic Voyage" by 9 years!

Other notable programs that are broad... sorry, podcasted on the OTR Sci-Fi Podcast are "Dimension X", "The Zero Hour", "Space Patrol", and loads more. Some of these episodes have the original commercials in them, which is an added bonus for yours truly!

Get hip to the tip, and subscribe to the Old Time Radio Sci-Fi Podcast. You'll be glad you did!

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