Thursday, January 29, 2009

Real Boss Hoss Blow Out 2009!

Hey you folks on the West Coast and all the surrounding region, are you ready for the Real Boss Hoss Blow Out for 2009?!

Remember my buddy Jorge "Sectmaniac", head-honcho/king-pin extraordinaire at Real Boss Hoss productions? He was the special guest on RadiOblivion No.29. Make sure you familiarize yer bad-self with that post and podcast eppy-sode! Blow Out 2009 is coming up real soon, and you don't wanna miss it. Where else can you find this kind of ACTION for so cheap? Nowhere.

Here's the scoop:
The BLOW OUT will be held on Feb. 21st at THE ELKS CLUB in Van Nuys, CA. It's a beautiful building with 2 bars and 2 floors... and it's 18+ this year!!

Located at:
14440 Friar Street
Van Nuys, CA

There will be a pre-party show held at a MR. T'S BOWL in HIGHLAND PARK with boss bands: THE JINXES & THE TEUTONICS, plus a slew of KILLER DJs... There's a whole new staff on Fridays - so you don't have to worry about crazy security guards and nutso bartenders!!


THE PHANTOM SURFERS (SF's legendary masked marvels!)
MARK & THE ESCORTS (As heard on the 'TEENAGE SHUTDOWN' and 'EASTSIDE SOUNDS' comps - Original 60s East LA legends! First show since '66)
THE AMBERTONES (As heard on the 'TWISTIN' RUMBLE' & 'EASTSIDE SOUNDS' comps - Original 60s East LA legends! First show since '68)
THE TROUBLEMAKERS (Sacto garage legends! First show since '95 - members of The Losin' Streaks)
ROCK N ROLL ADVENTURE KIDS (Fuzzed out hillbilly psychosis)
THE TUFF TITTIES (Supergroup w/ members of Trashwomen, LaTeenos, Loudmouths)
THEE CRUCIALS (Georgia's raucous frat R&B combo)
THE AU GO GO KARTS (Frat rock w/ members of Swiss Family Skiers & Traditional Fools)
THE BACI GALOOPIS (Supergroup w/ members of The Trashwomen & Supercharger!!)
JOHN SCHOOLEY ONE MAN BAND (Voodoo Rhythm Wildman!)
THE GUILTY HEARTS (Keeping the flame of East LA garage alive!)
THE BE NEATS (Paso Robles' garage crunchers!)
THEE CORMANS (Surf pounders from beyond the sea!)

Hosted by world famous comedian JAMES BECK!!

DJ TONY THE TYGER, ALBERTO SOL, DOMENIC PRIORE, DJ ANNETTE & DJ DON will be spinnin' garage, soul, R&B, freakbeat all day and night long!!


Don't be a square; be there... and tell 'em Michael Kaiser sent ya.


  1. Michael, just wanted to let you know the last podcast was smokin'. The Flat Mono Jets and Howlin' Wolf in the same 'cast - awesome! I listen to your show all the time and it makes my day better. You have a great ear for mixing newer and older cuts. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey, thanks a lot, Erik! I sure do appreciate it and hope that I can continue tickling yer fancy with Wild Sounds & Rock 'N' Roll.