Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Python (Monty) Pictures... Unlimited

I remember my childhood home on Garfield in Orange, California well. We lived there until I was halfway through 1st grade, and I can still walk every square inch - inside and outside - in my noggin. I can recall exactly where my dad would sit and watch TV late at night while I was supposed to be sleeping. The theme to M.A.S.H. still echoes down the hallway in my mind. But I can hear another theme song too... Monty Python's Flying Circus!

To this day, some 32 or so years later my dad and I can't spend more than 10-15 minutes in the same room or car without spontaneously launching into odd bits of Monty Python skits or movie pieces. It kinda drives my mom and wife a tad-bit batty, actually. But we don't plan on it happening; it just does... naturally.

If you aren't already aware (I don't see how you couldn't be) the remaining Pythons (R.I.P. Graham Chapman!) have established the Monty Python YouTube Channel. Yup, looks like they got tired of seeing a bunch of shoddy uploads from fans all around the world. The Pythons have uploaded high-quality clips of some of their most loved TV shows and movies which you can watch as much as you want, as often as you'd like for FREE!! Standard and High Definition videos on demand, baby. And since there are links to purchase Monty Python videos right there on the page next to the FREE content, do you know what has happened? According to many news sources, blogs (such as this article on Mashable), and Amazon itself Monty Python content has enjoyed a sales increase of - get this - 23,000% (insert massive amounts of exclamation marks here).

What is the moral of the tale regarding this little increase in sales caused by giving free access to quality product? Well... you tell me. Or try to think up a good answer as you watch "Bicycle Repair Man".

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  1. Fantastic tip. I did not realize there was a Ytube channel 'til now. Peace.

  2. Hey, glad I could be of some sort of service!