Friday, March 20, 2009

A Blip on the Radar


Have you heard of

There are a bunch of social networks built around music - music is, as the saying goes, the language that everyone understands. In fact, there are so many that I can't even name them. I don't use any of these services, and I had planned on not ever doing so. But, is one that I can dig, baby! The obligatory/default description is as follows: "It's like Twitter for music". I've heard that over and over, and had vowed not to include it in my post... but (the best laid plans being what they are and all) I just did.


After setting up an account you can search for bands and songs that tickle yer fancy. When you find the track that you feel the world - i.e. those folks also using Blip - would be better off for hearing, you "blip" it. It is then out there in front of everybody to enjoy. You can also utilize up to 150 characters (10 more than Twitter!) to add all the adjectives that your thesaurus holds to describe the importance/relevance of said track just in case folks are so stunned by the sheer profundity of the song as to be rendered temporarily dumbfounded. Find other Blip "DJs" that you can relate to and add them to your favorites; give them "props" for blips that you get wiggy over; "reblip" tracks that you flip your gourd to; and hold a practically normal conversation using the standard "@" symbol in front of their DJ name while blipping another selection. It's great!

Another neat thing to do is find your favorite DJ, go to his or her profile, click play on the very top most blip, turn the volume up to 11, and throw yourself a party! Each blip in their stream will play sequentially. You can also tie your Blip account into your Twitter stream to learn your friends on Twitter cool sounds too.

Sign up, enjoy, and find Michael Kaiser on!

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    I agree - is lots of fun!!

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