Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More KICKS Than A Donkey In Heat!

A milestone at Michael Kaiser's Haus: the second blog in a row that starts with a "remember when"! So... remember when I professed my love for Kicks magazine? Kicks was the de facto Bible for Rock 'N' Roll aficionados the world over, friends. Hatched from the fertile (not fertilizer!) minds of the dynamic duo of Miriam Linna and Billy Miller - purveyors of the Big Beat - it contained the stories and anecdotes that you would never have the chance to lay yer peepers on otherwise. Of course there were loads of other contributing writers, but the articles penned by these two folks always took the cake for creativity, originality, depth, and down right comedy! But, I've previously gushed all this stuff in the already-linked-to article.

Kicks, of course, is no more. I sent an email to Norton Records H.Q. years ago to petition a single volume tome collecting all the issues of the magazine. Billy was kind enough to reply with "Sounds great! Find a publisher." I had no response to that, so I let the sleeping dog lie. Of course Kicks really didn't "go away". We can continue reading the articles that would be included in subsequent issues in the form of liner notes on the essential Norton Records releases; but I still wanted more!

A couple months ago rumor spread through the internet like suntan lotion at a nudist beach day event (actually, I read it in a Norton Records email update) - Miriam Linna was launching into the Blogosphere! My anticipation immediately foamed up into a powerful lather and I had to push the thought to the back of my mind; there was no telling when this would come to fruition. Well friends, I'm pleased all over to direct your little clicky-mouse device to Kicksville 66: Miriam Linna's blog. Did you see that?! "Miriam Linna" (in the possesive form) and "blog" in the same sentence... together. Mind-bogglin'! Do yourselves a favor and start with the very 1st article The Cramps: 1976 and read Miriam's recollections of being The Cramps' original drummer.

The beauty about Kickville 66 is that it will become so popular that the lovely Miriam will be compelled to continue blogging, Billy will surely be coerced into starting a "Billy Blog" (no relation to "Billy Beer"), and perhaps a 3rd blog will be established for the purpose of publishing back issues of Kicks online!

I love the internet.

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