Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This Is The Real Thing! This Is Not The Sopranos.

My pal Jimmy Hook is a self-professed "Lawyer for the Chicago Mob" documenting and participating in the seedy underbelly of Mafia malfeasance by way of the Jimmy Hook channel on YouTube. And the man has talent with the camera; which is totally out of character for a crooked lawyer! But, you don't ever say a cross word about a man that can arrange to have you fitted with Concrete Boots.

Besides being a great video I bring this to your attention for two other reasons:

  1. It includes an excellently placed track at 11:24 by The Wrong Numbers called "It's Hard" that was featured on RadiOblivion No.31

  2. My name is in the end credits!

Watch the new episode Monsters & Mexicans below and pay attention to the opening lines by that cat "Big Country" as juxtaposed to the final scene with Tommy Terranova. I wanna shout at the screen "You're right, Jimmy; Big Country was up to no good!" Phew... this could have been the last of Jimmy Hook and Tommy Terranova were it not for Tommy's quest to be Caesar.

"This is the real thing. This is not The Sopranos"

*Note: being a bunch of Mafia bad-dudes they speak in the manner you'd expect Mafia bad-dudes to speak.

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