Friday, September 25, 2009

Razzle Dazzle Zazzle - Portable Statement Devices

I'm blastin' records right now (yes, real vinyl records!), thus the play on words in the post title in relation to this body o' text:

Some would already know that Michael Kaiser's Haus recently moved from the Wordpress haus across the street to this pad on the Blogger platform. The floor plan was similar enough that most of the furniture fit. Now, the haus on Blogger Avenue has some funny characteristic that makes one wonder what the architect had for lunch that day, but it has much-sought-after extra counter space that is quite useful for displaying certain knick-knacks that the old abode was lacking. Actually, the landlord that rented us (me) the last place locked-up a bunch of rooms and closets, and wouldn't fork-over the key, sayin' that it was "for my own good". This same restrictive atmosphere has led to another move the other day from one self-stor(e)age space to another...

The RadiOblivion Shoppe has moved from CafePress to Zazzle. I like the wallpaper better. In reality, there is still RadiOblivion swag at CafePress, but the real deal is the shoppe on Zazzle! I can stick more goofy - I mean BOSS designs on more products. Plus their tools feel better in the hand. So if'n you'd like to learn the folks in your personal circle of influence about Wild Sounds and Rock 'N' Roll head over and take a gander. The shirts all come in a pretty extensive array o' sizes, shapes, colors, genders, ages, flavors, genres, and such. You can even axe the machine to show you the cheapest available items of apparel as a sort of recession buster. Its slick!

I'll make it easy on ya with the neat-o contraption below. Get yerself a Portable Statement Device (P.S.D.), and remember - in the words of the great Bill Haley: "Everybody Razzle-Dazzle!"