Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Of Calendars and Convenience

We've made the RadiOblivion calendar of events public and subscription-abled, friends. Yup, if you're a Google user and abuser you can subscribe to the RadiOblivion Calendar in order to be notified on any happenings related to the show. Right now it'll get you to your appointment with RadiOblivion on Real Punk Radio on time. We'll also update it with releases of all new episodes of the podcast, and anything else that may come up.

No more fretting about missing out on the fun - whether it be the new show, Wild & Primitive... LIVE! with Michael Kaiser, the RadiOblivion Redux (re-run) eppy-sodes (both heard on the aforementioned Real Punk Radio), or brand-new chapters in the ongoing adventures of Better Living Through Discarded Music! The calendar is also available fer a quick glance on the RadiOblivion site, as well as the RadiOblivion Facebook page. Both found in the sidebars.

And for further convenience... not only can you download the free RadiOblivion app on all your Apple and Android mobile devices, but now you can also get the full-featured Real Punk Radio app on yer iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad machines! For a measly .99 cents you can listen and chat on-the-go. That means you folks with super futuristic 3G connections can fly around in your Jetsons car with RadiOblivion and RPR blasting through the vehicle speakers... all day, every day!

That's it fer now. Calendars and Convenience, baby!

Chow Mein

Posted via email from RadiOblivion is PrePosterous!