Sunday, May 2, 2010

The World Gained A New Horie And Lost A Flash Player


Two quick items for a floody Sunday afternoon at RadiOblivion H.Q. - 
Just got word from the land o' the future, New Zealand, that Los Hories' Rock 'em Sock 'em couple, Aaron and Janna, brought a brand new beautiful baby girl into the world! Her name is Ruby, and she and momma are safe and sound. Understandably, this puts Los Hories on standby, but we are gonna have Aaron on the show real soon to brag about Ruby and share with us some tracks by a couple other combos that he's working with. Stay tuned for that!
Second, just noticed that all the audio players on the RadiOblivion website are as blank as Little Orphan Annie's eyeballs! I found code for a new player and tried it out on the most recent eppy-sode, and it works. But now I'll have to go through all of the posts and switch out the player, and that is something I ain't looking forward to. In the meantime, if there's an eppy-sode that you've got a hankerin' for, you can always listen on the RadiOblivion Mevio page, or from the brand new iPhone and Android Apps.
That's it! Stay dry.

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