Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RadiOblivion No.29

This is the second anniversary of RadiOblivion! Two years of wild sounds and rock ‘n’ roll!! Celebrate continued Better Living Through Discarded Music with Michael Kaiser and very special guest, Jorge “Sectmaniac” from Real Boss Hoss Productions.

And that, friends, pretty well sums up the whole thang. More details inside.

And that was the blurb for this episode as posted on the GaragePunk Podcast Network, but let me expand on that just a bit... Jorge "Sectmaniac" from Real Boss Hoss is my brother, man! I met Jorge and his wife (lady-friend at that time) a million years ago through a band that I was in. I remember seeing the same, sharp looking couple at every single show that we did. Real nice looking couple; beautiful people, actually. They knew all our songs by name! Kinda weird. Well, to cut out a bunch of key-strokes here we ended up being best friends. Jorge and I are musical blood-brothers; twins, even. Jorge and his wife are responsible for my wife and I meeting. Jorge was my best man, his wife was my bride's maid of honor. My wife and I were in their wedding. We're familia!

Jorge runs Real Boss Hoss, a fanzine that grew into a show promotion legend in the southern California Garage Punk/Primitive Rock & Roll world. While some* have self-destructed no-less than two times in an attempt to be "huge", Jorge has successfully put on show after show with the true Punk Rawk, DIY ethos: humble halls, cut & paste flyers, low budget Garage Punk extravaganzas. While others believe that bigger is better, Jorge knows that fans of such simple music are just regular folk. Thus keeping the "Real" in Real Boss Hoss!

I could go on, but the important thing is how pleased I am to showcase Jorge and Real Boss Hoss on this second anniversary episode of RadiOblivion! Listen to Jorge give a brief history of RBH, as well as a look into the future. Then visit the Real Boss Hoss Myspace page, check out the flyers in the pictures section, and dig the monster line-ups he has put together over the years! Sign up for the official Real Boss Hoss blog. And bands, contact Jorge to see if you can get on one of them AMAZING shows.

Dig it!

*No, I'm not referring to Black Cat Ent. or Grease Demon Ent.

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  1. Hermano - thank you for the nice words... You're a beautiful person.