Wednesday, December 10, 2008

RadiOblivion No.30

Presenting eppy-sode 30 of RadiOblivion!

And for the first half hour or so everyone is carrying-on, or being carried by planes and trains and automobiles and motorbikes and such. Dealing with Fords and Dodges, along with such things as Thunderbirds and Jaguars and Cobras and Tarantulas in a de facto theme of unplanned proportions...

From there the show degenerates into a further mess of Wild Sounds and Rock & Roll as Michael Kaiser provides Better Living Through Discarded Music on the GaragePunk Podcast Network, turkeys!



  1. Great fuckin' show...I really like it. The opportunity has been presented to me to host a rock-n-roll podcast. I told em it'd end up being a psychobilly show in the end...they weren't too interested.

  2. Hey, Thanks a ton Sly Guy!

    Gosh, I see Subculture Collective splashed all about. I think someone would have to be a knuckle-head to not be interested. You can tell 'em I said so, too!

  3. Hey, Mike...Who sings that "I'm just lookin' for a way to set the world on fire" song? I wanna use it on my intro....Great job, as usual on the podcast. Thanks for everything you do. If you have any new music from you're label, I'd be happy to give it a review....Easy, brotha. Merry Holidays.

  4. That is "Final Kick" by the Tall Boys - featuring Nigel Lewis, co-founder of The Meteors (of course). It was taken from the CD "Fun Time"; a collection of most all the Tall Boys discography. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A quick search can net you a cheap copy of that bad-boy. I post all my playlists on the GaragePunk Podcast Playlist Google Group. You can subscribe to that if you want and have them delivered to your email automatically. As far as Kaiser releases, I don't handle that stuff; but if you drop a line to the Kaiser Myspace page you'll be well treated!