Wednesday, December 31, 2008

RadiOblivion No.31 - A New Year's REVOLUTION!


At the GaragePunk Podcast Network we're on a rotation. My show, RadiOblivion, is released every three Wednesdays - not the third Wednesday of the month, but every three weeks. "Hump Day" is my day. As such I need to check the schedule in advance to see if my show falls on some sort of special occasion. Now, normally I don't go for "themed" shows like Halloween, Christmas, etc. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hearing other folks conjure up a killer show wrapped-up in some holiday, but I don't like doing them. New Years Eve is different, though! Folks are gonna be celebrating with vigor tonight, and I have the pleasure this year of helping.

I found a bunch of great bands on the Podsafe Music Network for this go-'round. Got a couple great records (my favorite) and CD's (eh... I'll take those too) from two of my favorite current/new bands. And had a neat little garage combo send me a couple tracks via email. Listen closely to my goofy banter for info on the bands played (not that I'm the most forth-coming with said information, though. I like folks to DIG for the goods; like a treasure hunt), and if you have a hard time understanding my shenanigans feel free to leave me a comment here, or contact me by way of the millions of links all over this blog. I am real easy to find! As usual, I'll try to get as many of the bands played into the RadiOblivion Myspace Top Friends list as I can. Bands, please upload some tracks to the Podsafe Music Network. Make it easy on me to find and play.

And here is the original episode blurb:
Forget yer New Year’s resolutions, this here is a New Year’s REVOLUTION: Better Living Through Discarded Music!

Eppy-sode 31 of RadiOblivion has been hand-crafted to swing yer NYE shindigs into overdrive, turkeys. Burn this bad-boy onto a digital drink coaster to blast at the party, and amaze your friends with Wild Sounds and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Added bonus: Michael Kaiser welcomes Criswell to prognosticate future events that will happen in the future… in 1966.

Guaranteed instant party, or your money back.

P.S. Let me know how this worked for you by leaving me a comment below.

Happy New Year!

I'll see you next year. And remember: Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!



  1. Great job, as usual, my friend. Thanx fer tha tunes, brother.

  2. Thanks bunches, Sly. I think it's the Polka that put it over the top! Garagey Polka, no less.

  3. You heard about Andy, right? Check out my latest post. It was posted with great sorrow...