Monday, April 13, 2009

Los Hories: The Band From The Future!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again (and again, etc.) Los Hories are one of my mostest favorite new bands! Hailing from a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand called Ponsonby (see map), these folk play the most honest, lo-fi, primitive form of Rock 'N' Roll that any noodnik could axe for! In fact the name is taken from common N.Z. slang meaning "doing things on the cheap". But more on that in a couple days because Baron Aaron Lost - guitar mangler/voice box extraordinaire will be joining me on the next eppy-sode o' RadiOblivion!

Los Hories' 1st full length CD is called "What's The Time" - which is fitting since each time Aaron and I talk we keep axin' each other "What time is it there?" That man lives in the future, baby! Makes getting together to yap about cool stuff difficult... but we did it. The album (alboom! is more like it) is on Off The Hip Records run by the suave Mickster out of Australia; and you NEED it, friends. In fact, we're gonna be doing a give-a-way contest for a copy. Keep yer eardrums tuned-up and well oiled! Details and such will be included on Wednesday's eppy-sode of RadiOblivion. Number 36 I do believe.

In the meantime, check out this great video of Los Hories performin' the genius "Queenie" by The Gories live at Bar Open Melbourne, September 2008! Do those two band names sound strikingly similar? Learn more about that too on the next RadiOblivion. And remember to Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!

*Heads Up: Contains Salty Language*

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