Wednesday, April 1, 2009

R.I.P. Real Boss Hoss! Terrible News for Rock 'N' Roll

Russell Quan Going NUTS with The Phantom Surfers - Real Boss Hoss Blowout 2009

My good friend, hermano, and musical soul-mate Jorge of Real Boss Hoss has announced the worst news in Primitive Rock 'N' Roll today... He is closing the doors (so to speak) on Real Boss Hoss Productions!

Real Boss Hoss did more for bringing the greatest bands to L.A. than anyone ever has. If you've ever attended an RBH show you know exactly what I mean.

Here is his open letter to friends and enthusiasts:
Hello friends,

I have decided to put an end to Real Boss Hoss...

This was a long time coming (as those close to me know) and decided to just do it now...

I will probably have one last show later this year when I host Spain's Wau y Los Arrrgh's in September and then that will be it... we will go into the memory banks.

It was a good run that Vito and I started back in 2003... The main reason we started doing shows was to bring some excitement back to LA... bring some of my favorite bands that no one was booking back to LA... Bands from my beloved San Francisco scene - The Phantom Surfers, The Flakes, The Bippies, etc. - local bands like Satan's Cheerleaders and The South Bay Surfers... "real rock n roll."

I would like to think that we shook up some stuff down here in dull Los Angeles for a few years and introduced many people to new bands and hopefully managed to infect some kids into starting new bands themselves... Unfortunately things seem to be going back to how they were when we first kick-started Real Boss Hoss and I don't have the energy or the health right now to continue the fight...

I would like to thank all the bands who played Real Boss Hoss shows, the DJs who spun killer stuff, James Beck for always making a show fun, all the people who helped and supported the Real Boss Hoss shows with promotion, buying t-shirts, etc., making flyers and posters, the venues who gave us a chance to do our thing... it was fun!!

All my love to you all...


If you have any love at all for "Wild Sounds & Rock 'N' Roll" - especially on the West Coast - you will do everything in your power to reverse this decision!

Viva Real Boss Hoss!

Viva Rock 'N' Roll!

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