Saturday, July 25, 2009

Michael Kaiser is Tumblin'

"Where's that Kaiser boy been?! He promised us pictures o' beautiful wimen."

Hey friends. Yeah, Michael Kaiser's Haus is a bit like the famed Winchester House; there's rooms o' plenty, but some are harder to get to than others. And others you can't get to from here. Actually, the way to all them rooms can be found in the sidebar over yonder on the romeo (that's military talk for "right", I'm told... though I don't know why they wouldn't just go ahead and say "right"; it's got the same number of letters).

I've got some articles bouncin' in my noggin' that will read real nice on this site, but in the meantime I've been spending a fair amount of time on my little blog that could: Michael Kaiser is Tumblin'. I originally set that up to be a place that I could rant 'n' rave and get all grouchy on, but instead it's turned into a cool little place to post audio, pictures, video, and such. Check it out and see what tumbles through my skull. It's got the same ultra-convenient RSS features as any other goofy blog, too. So go ahead and subscribe while yer there.

Shoulda called it Michael Kaiser's Outhaus. Now that would have been clever!

P.S. Did you know that the WordPress spell check doesn't think that "blog" is a word? Amazing.

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