Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dishing Up The Whole Dang Big Enchilada

Have y'all met my friend Steve Terrell yet? Steve lives way out in New Mexico; a long way from the center of the Earth: Middle Tennessee! By day he's a mild-mannered reporter for the Santa Fe New Mexican, but at night he's regularly feeding them Southwestern spicy entree eaters the real Hot Platters by blastin' the Big Beat over the airwaves at Santa Fe Public Radio KSFR 101.1 FM with shows such as The Santa Fe Opry, Terrell's Sound World, and probably some others.

But, since we (me) here at Michael Kaiser's Haus are interested in podcasting, I'm gonna point yer nose, toes, and mice device (click, click, click) in the direction of Steve's podcast, The Big Enchilada! Everybody knows that podcasts are far superior to traditional radio broadcasts, but The Big Enchilada is, in particular, heads and Sombreros above others. He's playin' it all, baby! Just listen to episode 11, as an example, and dig entire sets devoted to wrastlin', monkeys, and (a personal fave) Polka! He's playin' great old Gospel (another fave!), Western Swing... everything that's good and right with music. Steve also possesses that great broadcast personality that makes you think that you personally know the guy. You like him when he talks. In fact, if I still lived on the west coast, and didn't have a 16 year old out-standing traffic ticket in New Mexico, I'd be beggin' him to let me go out there for a visit so he could learn me about music! I've got a million questions I'd like to axe him.

Look, I could go on spoutin' all sorts of adjectives n' such, but why don't you let Mr. Terrell do the talkin'... and the record spinnin'. Get over there and subscribe to The Big Enchilada. You'll thank me, or I'll eat the whole dang thang!