Monday, December 28, 2009

RadiOblivion On Real Punk Radio

Even more news from RadiOblivion H.Q. - and this was meant for the last blog post, "Update Yer Machines Fer The New Year", found here:, but I inadvertently posted that last entry prematurely. I'm not sure how; I suppose that may be an ill side effect of using Posterous. So, here we go:

RadiOblivion will now be heard regularly on Real Punk Radio at! Yup, a couple weeks or so ago I was contacted by uber-punk rock guy and fellow Tennessean, SnyderMan, with an invitation to join the fine roster o' noodniks over there. This opportunity coincided nicely with some other changes that I've eluded to, which I'll somewhat elaborate on real soon. Needless to say I jumped at the chance! As of now it looks like RadiOblivion will air on the 10's EST every Wednesday. Real Punk Radio is streaming internet radio, so you hear the shows when they're on. My understanding is that some folks find that more convenient. Just open yer browser machine, surf to the site and blast them little Altec speakers at maximum volume, baby! New eppy-sodes should be out every two weeks with "flashback" shows airing every other week. And I'm happy as a pig inna dumpster to have been axed! Thanks a ton, Jason.

Of course, fer those folks that demand to have their blastables available on the go, just subscribe to RadiOblivion at, or di-rectly in the iTunes store at, and I will personally hand-deliver each new eppy-sode to you by way of modern technology. That's my commitment to providing Better Living Through Discarded Music!

Make sure to visit, and follow RadiOblivion on Twitter at

Until next time: Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!

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