Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Subcultured And Collected

Today we released the "Anti-Grammys" episode of RadiOblivion - answering the powers that be with Wild Sounds and Rock 'n' Roll. And all the people said "Yeeeeaaahhh!!"

Now we have another super-duper development: the good folks over at Subculture Collective apparently had some type of computer glitch and asked if they could play RadiOblivion on their fine website tonight instead of the regularly scheduled stomp! Yup, looks like this Lady Gaga smashing episode will air over there at 8:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time. Make sure to set your alarm clock and show up at the appropriate hour. While you're there you'll certainly enjoy the whole site as well as the the entire able stable of shows, information and more that they offer you - the discerning music lover!

Also, remember that RadiOblivion streams every Wednesday on the 10's EST at Real Punk Radio. New episodes air every two weeks with the "RadiOblivion Redux" flashback (re-runs?) shows every other week. That's a whole lot o' Better Living Through Discarded Music.

Now, Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!

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