Monday, March 1, 2010

I Need To See A Man About A Robot

And by "man", I mean in the most general sense of Mankind, of course...

I just got word that the brand new RadiOblivion App is available for Android phones! I don't have an android - due to severe reactions to phone calls; I break-out something fierce - and apparently the way to access apps is different than what I am accustomed to on my iPod Touch machine, i.e. via the Apple App Store. I'm hoping a listener out there that is reading this has a pocket robot Android device, and would help me out with some feedback. If so, please leave me a comment wherever you happen to read this (its aggregated everywhere). It seems that you just do a simple search on your gadget for RadiOblivion. I'd like to know what it looks like, and how it functions. Can you listen to the podcast from it? Do you see this post on it? Are the images clear? You know, give me the scoop.

Now, for you Apple folk, we've got a couple weeks to wait and see if'n they'll approve the RadiOblivion App. They may have to clear-out some Fart Applications to make room for it. And, frankly, this app would probably be considered less apropos than the aforementioned plethora of quality bodily-function digital imitations - as far as entertainment value is concerned. Continue to keep yer peepers crossed, though!

Now, who's got a Robot? 

Posted via email from RadiOblivion is PrePosterous!