Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blow Yer iPhone Up, Baby!!

Move over Farting Zombie Farmer apps, RadiOblivion has come to bring Better Living Through Discarded Music to the Apple iTunes App Store!

Yes, friends, Hell has indeed frozen over. Navigate yer way to the App Store on yer portable rocket launcher - with the Apple logo on the back - and download the newly approved (yes, it sooprised the heck out of me, too) RadiOblivion App. She's a simple little app for a simple little show featuring news and pictures. Big bonus is that you can listen to the podcasts wherever you find yer bad-self right from the app! You can share these little nuggets via the magic of Social Networking, as well. Recommended use: show this to those around you in real-life social situations and tell 'em to "Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!"

Get it before Apple realizes their mistake!

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