Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stomp, Shout and Mojo Workout!


Start your weekend right, pally, from wherever you are with a brand new show on Real Punk Radio: Mojo Workout!

Yup, friends, starting *Friday night at 7pm, Eastern Time (which also might be 2300 UTC) the cast of characters, including (but not limited to) Michael Kaiser (RadiOblivion), Jason Snyderman (Burrito Electrico), Greg Lonesome (Sleaze Pit podcast), and Matt Cochrane (South Bay P.O.R.K. podcast), will bring y'all 2 hours of hootin' hi-jinx as a haphazard "Gateway to the Weekend" with the brand new cardiovascular sensation that sweeping the nations - Punxercise! I really don't know what that means, either. But we'll find out.

We'll yap, play a few songs, yap, solve the world's problems, yap, conduct virtual Hot Dog eating contests, yap, run around in circles, and yap some more.

Now, with the magic of modern technology, Internet Radio can go with you everywhere. No longer do y'all have to be tied to your Desktop or Laptop computer machine. Real Punk Radio offers a bunch of ways to listen on the go; just visit the RPR Mobile Page for on-the-go solutions.

Mark your own calendars, or subscribe to the RadiOblivion Calendar of events,  and join us as we
Stomp, Shout and Mojo Workout! Only on Real Punk Radio.

* Update: Due to a scheduling snafu the premier show will be on Friday, July 2. The RadiOblivion Calendar has been updated.