Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey, Nice Chest, Chuck!

Blow Yer Chest Up, Baby!!
Available now in the Real Punk Radio store is the newly minted SCREEN PRINTED edition of the RadiOblivion Starkweather design t-shirt. Yup. In addition to all the fine digital transfer designs available in the RadiOblivion Shoppe on Zazzle, you can now opt for this fine ink-laden shirt hand-made with love in the sweatshop at RPR H.Q.! Only 12 measly bucks, plus shipping, pops. That's cheap anyway you cut it. Part of the proceeds go toward keeping Real Punk Radio on the virtual airwaves, too. So, you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside when yer sporting this bad-boy on yer frame whilst out and about. Order your's today!
And now fer a disclaimer for those sensitive to such things:
A little story is necessary here because I certainly don't condone infamous "Thrill Killer" Charles Starkweather's murder spree in 1958, or his 1st known murder in 1957, for that matter...
When I was a lad of about 16 or 17 I was at a movie theater with a whole bunch of folk, and Jason Goodman of the world-famous Grave Diggers, Robert Williams of Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys fame, and Jake Bricks - the late, legendary (and infamous, actually) Rockabilly Barber were over yonder a-ways looking, pointing, and laughing at me. Naturally that made me a bit uncomfortable. Come to find out they're snickering because they thought that I looked like Charles Starkweather, and particularly this specific pic of the man which had graced a Grave Diggers flyer just a short while before the ego-threatening movie theater snickering event. 
I have that flyer somewhere. Its about 23 years old now.