Sunday, August 8, 2010

200,000 Plus, And Counting

A big, fat, huge "Thank-ee" to all y'all that have pushed the RadiOblivion podcast past the 200,000 download mark (207,800 plus, actually) over the last few years of this Wild Sounds & Rock 'n' Roll slopfest! The swell thing is that things keep moving upward. Since November of 2006 we've joined the GaragePunk Podcast Network, Real Punk Radio, Subculture Collective, and most recently, KGRG 89.9fm, in the the heart of the Pacific Northwest - known to Sound Hounds the world over as the launchin' pad of SAVAGE POUNDERS!
There hasn't been a new eppy-sode of the RadiOblivion podcast in about 55 days now due to the absolute blast we've (I like to make-believe that I'm several folk; thus the "we" all the time) been having with the live version of the show, RadiOblivion: Wild & Primitive... LIVE, heard weekly on the aforementioned Real Punk Radio. But, there's news about the future of the podcast that we're gonna save for another blog post. In the meantime we (again with the "we") want to remind you of some of the various ways that you can get yer dose of Better Living Through Discarded Music...
The RadiOblivion website is the official HQ
The RadiOblivion Feedburner feed has all your subscription needs covered, baby
RadiOblivion is, of course, available in iTunes for ultra-convenience
The RadiOblivion App is available for iPhone/iPod Touch users in the Apple App Store as well
Android Phone Machine folk can download the RadiOblivion App from wherever you get fine apps
Facebook fanatics can give the thumbs up on the RadiOblivion Facebook page
Folk with short attention spans can follow RadiOblivion on Twitter
That's good enough for an information overload. There's probably more, but that's plenty of links to give yer mouse-clicking finger a good callous.
Now, here's to the next 200k and more screamin' Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!