Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RadiOblivion Debuts On KGRG 89.9FM

Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby?!

Not on the 1st Thursday night of the month during the 11:00pm hour. Especially if'n you're listening to KGRG 89.9FM in the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. At that time and place y'all will want to be tuning in to the Zorch Radio show to catch the latest eppy-sode o' RadiOblivion, friends.

Yes! Starting this Thursday, August 5th super soul-brother, Jacob, from Zorch Radio, will include RadiOblivion, in it's entirety, every 1st Thursday of the month in the 2nd hour of his fine show.

After that you can Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby! Then make sure to replace it so's you can tune in to Zorch Radio the next week. Of course y'all that live outside the land of the Sonics and Fabulous Wailers can listen to KGRG streaming live on the interwebs instead.

Pretty cool, huh? Thanks a ton, Jacob!

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