Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Russell Quan Does The Mojo Workout!

World-famous, international superstar Russell Quan to do the Mojo Workout!

As anyone in-the-know knows, the Mummies are nearly done with their "Last Show Ever" world tour. In fact, they're heading down to Brazil next week. And our brother in-arms, Jorge Sectmaniac, has secured a date with everybody's favorite Rock 'n' Roll sweetheart, Russell Quan. Yes! Thee Russell Quan of the Count Backwurds, the Flakes, the Bobbyteens, the Phantom Surfers, Christina and the Bippies, the Dukes of Hamburg, and more of the greatest bands EVER (including the aforementioned Mummies - as if you had to be reminded) is gonna get silly with us on Mojo Workout this Friday on Real Punk Radio.

As y'all know, Mojo Workout is heard LIVE every Friday night from 8-11pm, Eastern Time. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!! Of course its podcasted as well, but this show needs to be experienced LIVE. Join the chat, too. Send Russell yer love in real time... on Real Punk Radio.

See you then, bozos.