Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chevy Shut Down - Who That Is?

A while back I found this killer little 45 (the small ones with the big holes) at a thrift shop and was just bowled over! I'm partial to the "Hot Rod" genre of the big-beat, so naturally I had to find out about this band, The Jaguars. And so far I've failed. Many hours of searching the Google with every conceivable combo-nation of key words has turned up no results. I've asked some record collector friends (and I'm not talking yer run-of-the-mill "lots of records" guys; I'm talking walking encyclopedias) to no avail. In fact, they've all referred me to bigger walking encyclopedia types that I'm not familiar with; those legendary cats that I ain't fit to run with...

Anyhow, I made this swell little video on the Mac machine in hope of spreading my search to larger drag strips. This film was originally a little over 14 minutes and made in 1958 by, I believe, Hot Rod magazine. As my wife pointed out, saying "you love everything about that film, don't you?" Heck yeah! And you should too. Enjoy this little POUNDER, and tell me more about the band. Please.