Sunday, July 1, 2012

Everybody's Blogging, Nobody's Blogging

Holy cow-zone (that is a clever word-play anyway you cut it), I have a blog!

I follow a lot of folk on Twitter that like - no, love - to blog. They claim to have the mental tools to allow them to blog when they have absolutely nothing to write about. They have tweetups to discuss blogging when one has nothing to blog about. Its great. I don't fall into that category. I've never known what to regularly blog about. I've got too many niche interests. But I sure do have a lot of stinking blogs!

So what do I settle on for Michael Kaiser's Haus? Do I focus on Internet radio and broadcasting/podcasting? Technical ins and outs & product reviews on recording and broadcasting equipment? How about wild sounds & rock 'n' roll? Or, perhaps why old stuff is neater than new stuff. Fantasy and Sci-Fi. A ton of other things that I'm involved in.

I don't know. But when I find out I'm going to blog about it!