Friday, October 19, 2012

Internet Radio For Rockabilly, Garagepunk and Primitive Rock and Roll Fanatics

Radio is dead. Long live Radio!

Listen up sound-hounds, all you connoisseurs of Rockabilly, 60's Punk, Garage Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Surf, and assorted varieties of trashy, primitive Rock 'N' Roll - in short, fans of my RadiOblivion podcast - I'd like to point yer ears to Wild And Primitive Radio. WAPR is a 24/7 Internet radio station for folk like you, the discerning individual, not at all happy that the once great medium of radio has been co-opted by the the Pat Goones of the world.

There was a time when radio ruled. And, more specifically, regional radio was king. Where the likes of Pete "Mad Daddy" Myers or Dewey Phillips would provoke folk to wiggyness. A time when those in the know would tune in their radio and connect - through the magic of over-the-air transmission - with untold numbers of other noodniks getting hopped-up on exciting and savage sounds. If that speaks to you, friends, your time is here. Via amazing modern scientific breakthroughs you can tune in to Wild And Primitive Radio anywhere that you have Internet connection. Whether on your desktop or laptop computer machine, or on your fancy-schmancy smart phone, tablet or wrist watch/communicator device - any time of the day, any day of the week you can get an earful of real, wild Rock 'N' Roll.

Too, its the perfect place for me to jump "on the air" and play some Wild Sounds and Rock 'n' Roll while Providing Better Living Through Discarded Music (listeners of RadiOblivion will know exactly what I'm yappin' about) any time the mood hits. Like this special show that I did yesterday:

(If you don't see an audio player above this its probable that a week has passed since it was posted. I'm only leaving it up and available for one week)

I'll post the myriad of ways (complete with links) that you can tune-in in another post. But for now my favorite way is with TuneIn using either the website while I'm at my desk, or their amazing app while on my mobile devices. Or, you can listen by way of the embedded player at the top of the RadiOblivion website.

So go ahead... tune in to Wild And Primitive Radio. And bring a friend!