Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rockabilly Or Rhythm and Blues?

I'm in the process of rating the music in my computer media jukebox program of choice in order to help make playlist selection a breeze for my podcast, RadiOblivion, in the New Year. Mo' on that in a later post, though. But I'm struck by an age-old dilemma in the life of any sound hound: Is this track Rockabilly or Rhythm and Blues?

Take this genius for example. Big Al Downing belted out pounder after pounder - one particularly savage beastie is "Down On The Farm." It's graced more Rockabilly compilations than I'm able to pin down. But my ears say "R&B belter all the way!" Take a listen fer yerself.

Question: "Down on the Farm," Rockabilly or Rhythm and Blues? Vote in the comments below, pally.