Thursday, December 3, 2009

Les Arondes... And Other Surfer's Delights

This is what I've been waiting for, ho-dads!

I've been buddies with Maxime (Max) Raynier and screamin' the praises of his POUNDIN' band of French Moon Dogs, Les Arondes, for over a year now. I originally discovered them on the Podsafe Music Network (now Music Alley), and baby, they are without a doubt my numero uno modern sand stompin' band in the entire world!

He sent me their EP a while ago, and I do believe that I've played every song on RadiOblivion. But, what I've been waiting for - which just arrived today - is their debut long-player, Kahlua! That's right, Frankie, a whole 12" vinyl surfboard filled to the top with 12 cuts of prime, salty Surf stomp.

This isn't a review; I just opened the package and am spinning it for the 1st time myself. I was just so stoked (do the surfers still say that?) that I had do more screamin' and praisin'. I'm most of the way through it, and so far? 11 out of 10 hot dogs! We're gonna get the band on the show so you can meet 'em too.

I haven't run the album through the digitizer machine yet, so here's a track off the aforementioned EP called "End of the Road".

Thanks a ton Max!

End Of The Road by Les Arondes
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End of The Road.mp3 (2242 KB)

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