Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Way To Progress

"Doesn't progress make you feel good inside?" - J. Biafra

Big changes are a comin' from RadiOblivion H.Q., friends. I've been dropping little cryptic messages here and there, and now it's high-time that you get brought up to speed!

If you've been tuned in for any length of time, you would be familiar with the interview eppy-sodes of RadiOblivion. We've had Aaron from Los Hories - all the way from the land o' the future, New Zealand; Jason (the) Goodman, from the world famous Grave Diggers, live in the studio during his family's "Evacation" (a mashup of evacuation and vacation) from Hurricane Gustav; Jorge "Sect Manaic" of Real Boss Hoss productions and the Jinxes (twice!); Brooklyn's very own monsters, the Hydes; Mike Ashcraft of Thumbin' Sleazoid Cinema; and the mighty Steve Terrell of the Big Enchilada podcast and hundreds of other radio shows. I like doing those eppy-sodes!

So here's the deal, pops: RadiOblivion will now focus on showcasing bands; the bands that you all should get to know better. We're gonna bring these folks into the virtual studio and drill 'em with a bunch o' softballs and play their sounds! In addition eppy-sodes will certainly be shorter. But the plan is to release them more often! We're really shootin' for approximately 30 minute shows every couple of weeks. Maybe even every week in some cases. A couple of bands are already lined-up, and we're starting off with France's ginchiest Surf stompers, Les Arondes! We're also planning another time travel to the bottom of the Earth. Boy! there's a ton more to say, and even some other news affecting RadiOblivion subscribers, but that will have to wait. In the meantime make sure that you are subscribed to the RadiOblivion feed at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RadiOblivion.

One more thing: Are you in, or know of a band that should be featured on RadiOblivion? Get in touch. Let's converse n' such about it. Do you just want your band's music played? Upload your tracks to Music Alley - the old Podsafe Music Network at http://www.musicalley.com, and then draw my peepers and eardrums to it.

Now, follow me This Way To Progress... and Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!

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