Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Listening To Internet Radio Is Easy And Fun

As promised - albeit a bit late - here are a bunch of ways that you can tune in to Wild And Primitive Radio, or practically any of your favorite Internet radio stations:


Firstly, most Internet radio stations stream through SHOUTcast (read more about SHOUTcast on Wikipedia). SHOUTcast keeps a current directory of all stations broadcasting via their software that is accessible right from the front page of the site. Just input "Wild And Primitive" and you'll be taken directly to the result complete with a player. See screenshot:

Also, SHOUTcast is integrated with Winamp, which is a free, multi-platform media player which many people use on Windows and Linux machines. In fact, the majority of listeners that tune-in to Wild And Primitive Radio do so with Winamp. And don't forget the free, cross-platform SHOUTcast apps available for your mobile devices in the app stores.


iTunes users, here is a simple tutorial to add Wild And Primitive Radio to your sidebar for easy, all day access:

With iTunes open, in the menu bar click Advanced > Open Stream. Paste this URL and click OK. That's it! If you have Radio enabled in the Library keep in mind that any stations you add this way will not show up there. I have created a playlist called "Radio" and add stations there for quick access. Make sense? Of course it does.

If you are an iOS user (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), you'll want to use either the free SHOUTcast app mentioned above, or, better yet, my favorite - TuneIn Radio.


If you're at the office and want to tune in to Wild And Primitive Radio with a web browser in lieu of a stand-alone program, then TuneIn (much like SHOUTcast) is for you! Again, go to the website and do a search for "Wild and Primitive." The page looks like this:

What is super about TuneIn is that you can create an account and access your favorite stations from any computer, anywhere you have Internet connection. But where TuneIn just blows every other service away is the cross-platform mobile app! It has everything you'd want in a state o' the art radio, including a sleep timer and (for the Pro user) a record function.


Finally, just to wrap this tome up, here are several other options for tuning in to Wild And Primitive Radio:

Winamp windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime

Just click on whichever icon you recognize and science will do (most of) the rest.

Tune in often. Bring a friend. Stay sick. Turn blue.