Tuesday, December 4, 2012

To 'Oblivion And Beyond, Or The Future Of RadiOblivion

What is the future of RadiOblivion? is a question that I get from time to time. A few of you know. Most of y'all don't. So let me lay it all out for the latter and clear up any confusion for the former.

Short version:

  • There will be (most likely) 5 more eppy-sodes o' RadiOblivion presented in the traditional podcast format and available through the normal channels, e.g. iTunes, RSS Feed, or your favorite method of procuring the show
  • After these planned 5 eppy-sodes RadiOblivion will not be podcasted in said traditional sense; it will only be heard LIVE on Wild And Primitive Radio (or something like it). However...
  • These shows will be recorded (I record everything!) and available for download for a short time on my SoundCloud account - unless I find that I need to host said files somewhere else
  • Remember the words "Wild and Primitive Live", and "Wild and Primitive Live with Michael Kaiser"

Medium version:

I quit doing RadiOblivion in January, 2011. In February, 2011 I was asked to join with a group of individuals to build a giant Internet social site for a very niche fan base. I was tasked with building an Internet radio station. My title: Station Director/Executive Producer. I hosted and produced several different regularly airing shows. I loved it. I love radio. I love LIVE broadcasting. But there were no Wild Sounds and Rock 'N' Roll. No savage sounds at all. And much like little Katie Sweet, I love to rock!

I spent 18 months on that project. Then I got a little tiny storm in my gray matter (a big storm wouldn't fit) and dreamt up a whole other Internet radio project separate and apart from what is described in the remainder of this post. First I needed to find a new host. But to know if I liked the host I needed to try out the software. And that is where Wild And Primitive Radio comes in. It's a test. Only a test. I have places to broadcast. The logical (and first) choice would be Real Punk Radio, of course. But I needed a place where I could jump on the stream to test out equipment configurations anytime I wanted. RPR is blessed with a very able stable of hosts that are hitting the "airwaves" at all hours of the day, and I'm too impatient to wait my turn. So I loaded up the WAPR Auto DJ with some of my very favorite songs, movie trailers, PSA's, and commercials, and hit "Go!" The result: folks tune in... all the time.

I've been jumping on the stream from time to time for impromptu live shows and recording them. These special eppy-sodes have been making their way to my SoundCloud account for a short spell so that the folks who didn't hear these live broadcasts may listen to or download 'em. I leave them up there for a week - or until I upload the next one; whichever amount of time is the shortest - and post a link to the files on Facebook and Twitter. And this will be the modus operandi going forward.

The plan is to release 5 new eppy-sodes of RadiOblivion in the same manner that the previous 70 have been. So If you are still subscribed to the show you will get these shiny new adventures in sound the same exact way that you always have. You won't need to do anything different! At the same time I'll be releasing any impromptu (again with that word!) shows - originally heard live on Wild And Primitive Radio - on my SoundCloud page. But they will only be available for a short time as described in the above paragraph. After those 5 eppy-sodes of RadiOblivion you will only be able to get new eppy-sodes via SoundCloud - or a like service. Now here is the real sneaky thing: they may be called either "RadiOblivion" or "Wild And Primitive Live." RadiOblivion - if I actually plan out the show; Wild And Primitive Live - if I just hop on the stream and play whatever. I anticipate the 2nd option more often than the 1st.

So how's that? Clear as mud? If so, I suggest just re-reading the 1st section, titled "Short version." It contains all the information and links you need.

For any questions that I didn't cover just post in the comments below.


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P.S. I reserve the right to change any system or method detailed in this post at any time, and may even deny that I came up with any of this baloney.