Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back Up Baby And Start All Over Again

Reduxin' the RadiOblivion podcast. Read all about it.

You know this blog title is a line out of a Gene Vincent POUNDER, right? Of course you do, you sound hounds! And it serves to set the tone fer this post because we are doing just that - gonna back up baby and start all over again. But first let's rock with the Blue Caps.

Gonna Back Up Baby...

The last couple updates on Michael Kaiser's Haus let you know the state of our podcast file hosting and to point you to the entire co-llection of RadiOblivion files on the Internet Archive. So stop and read those before proceeding, Jackson.

All done? Ok. Quick recap:
  • Our (that's the "Royal We" again!!) podcast host changed business plans
  • RadiOblivion moved
  • You can now download every file recorded (except one that was too dumb) at the Internet Archive

And Start RadiOblivion Again

Here's the kicker, though: now the show technically isn't being podcasted, i.e. the RadiOblivion Feed isn't being fed anything to send your way via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or however else y'all automatically download podcasts. So we have to fix it. Which is easy enough to do, but ol' Michael Kaiser doesn't do things the easy way. I don't know why. I wish I did. So here's what we're gonna do:
  • Attach the new audio file to every eppy-sode on the RadiOblivion website
  • Which will trigger the RadiOblivion Feed to grab 'em
  • They'll each be scooped-up by whichever podcatcher you use (iTunes, etc.)
  • You will receive all previous eppy-sodes starting with #1
Personally I think eppy-sodes 1-29 really stink. If you agree you can just delete them as they arrive. If yer some kinda masochist you'll be able to archive them as they come to keep (and SHARE) them forever.

So strap on yer safety helmet, pally. They's gonna be comin' fast!

Michael Kaiser, Esq.
Propagating the POUNDERS since 2006

QUESTION: How do you listen to RadiOblivion? Comment below, turkey.