Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We Interrupt Yer Regularly Scheduled Podcast

There will most likely be a suspension in services from Kaiser Studio B as we move the RadiOblivion podcast files to a new home on the interwebs.

RadiOblivion Got Kicked Outta The Webelos

For the longest time we've (that's the "Royal We", of course; and I'm sure it ain't s'possed to be capitalized) hosted the RadiOblivion podcast files at Mevio. They used to be Podshow, or something like that. It's been so many years now that I can't remember. Regardless, I've heard on the grape vine for a while that Mevio was making a pivot. A pivot which wouldn't include schmucks like me that blast out Wild Sounds & Rock 'N' Roll™ at maximum BOOM!

They even sent me a real pleasant letter:
Dear radioblivion@gmail.com,
My name is Ross Elliot, Senior Vice President of Production at Mevio/BiteSizeTV, and this letter is to inform you of the shutdown of Mevio.com and the removal of any hosted content effective April 18th.
They don't even know my name, *sniff*. Russ - I mean Ross - goes on from there telling how boss they are and how BiteSizeTV is going to revolutionize Internet TV. I was certainly impressed!

You Can't Fire Me 'Cause I Quit, Turkey

But the joke is on Russ. I mean Ross. Not that he'll ever hear said joke. I have been planning to upload all the RadiOblivion podcast files to another location for a while. I mean a long while. You know how I am. But a reminder came the other day from a 5 Star listener who shall remain nameless (except his excellent first name) because I didn't axe permission to post this message via Facebook:

It was this message that reminded me of my aforementioned plans. Thanks, Michael. I'm working on it. But before I upload the lot I wanted to make some changes to the meta data - truncated file names, links to the RadiOblivon website, etc.

That's A Mess Of Better Living, Pally

I'll be adding in all the shows that I did (well, the ones I recorded) on our short-lived (but KILLER!) Internet radio station Wild And Primitive Radio, as well as all the little Two Pack O' Pounders™ and sound tests that I've uploaded to our SoundCloud account. All told there's over 100 episodes n' such of RadiOblivion. That's a heckuva lot o' Better Living Through Discarded Music™!!

Whitney Houston, We Have A Problem

There's only one catch, friends. I don't think I'll have everything unpacked by the 18th. Actually, I t'ain't sure I'll have all the files packed by April 18th. I'm a busy sound hound. I'll do my bestest, though. If yer subscribed to the RadiOblivion Feed (whether via iTunes or yer favorite RSS Reader/Podcatcher) stay where you are unless told otherwise. If you only listen via the RadiOblivion website, just keep radioblivion.com bookmarked.

And above all else, get out your magic decoder rings boys and girls, and stay tuned to find out how you can win many valuable prizes - Lux Interior/the Purple Knif

Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!™