Thursday, April 17, 2014

Every Episode Of RadiOblivion Now Available At The Internet Archive

The complete collection of the RadiOblivion podcast is now available on the Internet Archive. One hundred and seventeen files to date have been handcrafted to provide Better Living Through Discarded Music - and now you can download each and every episode for your listening and archiving pleasure.

Archiving For Posterity

We (again, with the Royal We!) have been serving the absolute best in obscure and unknown Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, Surf, Exotica, Trash, 60's Punk, Garage, Punk Rock, and other strange and savage sounds since 2006. The reason is simple: these are songs, musicians, bands, commercials, movie trailers, and other audio that you absolutely must hear. These things are POUNDERS™!! And RadiOblivion propagates the Pounders. We have even established the Friends of the Pounders Preservation Society (F.P.P.S.) to further the cause. I think I'm the only member, though. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Got A Match?

The Internet Archive is a great place to archive the 'Oblivion. Their goal is to archive the entire Internet... for posterity. They don't want things to be forgotten or lost. A sample from the about page:
"The Internet Archive is working to prevent the Internet - a new medium with major historical significance - and other "born-digital" materials from disappearing into the past."
Do you see how we match? RadiOblivion exists to promulgate sounds with historical significance (i.e. they are boss!) via the new-fangled podcast format, and the Internet Archive exists to preserve such things. Yep. I used "exists" two times in one sentence! Sorry. The point is that we are two sides of the same proverbial coin. I want to expose the world to killer sounds; they want to preserve it for ever... forever? Whatever. I didn't know which word to use. I'll stick with forever and ever and ever. YEAH!

Play It Again, Clyde

So how do it work? For the completists that want to have all the recordings made at Kaiser Studios A and B, you can now go directly to the RadiOblivion co-llection on the Internet Archive and download as many eppy-sodes as you want. But first a little 'splaining...

The collection is 117 files. Of course anyone that is subscribed to the RadiOblivion podcast knows that there aren't that many episodes. Au contraire! Remember what I just said: all the recordings made at Kaiser Studio B. This includes:
  • Live, non-podcasted shows (originally called "Wild and Primitive LIVE!") heard on the now defunct Wild and Primitive Radio
  • Sound tests at the studio for configuration/levels purposes, etc.
  • SoundCloud only episodes
  • Other miscellaneous recordings
Also, there is an episode number 16.5 and 21.5. The former was an episode of the GaragePunk Surfcast, and the latter a Bo Diddley special memorial called RadiBOblivion.

Jukebox To Oblivion

On the RadiOblivion Archive page you have many choices for enjoying a cup o' POUNDERS™. The quick and obvious way is via the audio player on the the right side. And even that has multiple options. If you are looking for a total of 4 consecutive 24 hour days of Wild Sounds and Rock 'N' Roll™ just click the triangle-shaped play button to hear episodes 001-117 in a row. Which seems like a wild party just waiting to happen. Eegah!! You can also scroll along the list of files and click on any of them to hear it immediately.
Click fer largeness
Below the media player is a list of the individual files. You can download them one-by-one by right clicking the number in the second or third columns and selecting "Save As" (Windows) or "Save Linked Content As" (Mac).
Click fer bigness
There are other options available as well like the embed option at the bottom of the player, the VBR ZIP file in the left sidebar (which I suppose allows you to download all files at once), the BitTorrent file link at the very bottom of the files view, and much more. I haven't goofed with any of those, so you'll have to fill me in on all the nifty options in the comments below.

So there you go. I've got a lot more to tell ya, but I'm tired of typing. I'll post again soon and tell you some ideas I have for revamping the websites. And I need to tell you about the podcast feed. In the meantime make sure you've read the previous post. I still won't have the podcast situation ironed-out by tomorrow. But if you are subscribed to the podcast expect to see them all available again - starting with the first episodes. There. I sort of told you about the podcast situation. Consider that a bonus!

Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!!™

Michael Kaiser, Esq.
Propagating the Pounders since 2006 

QUESTION: Are you a member of the Friends of the Pounders Preservation Society (F.P.P.S.)?